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Tara Day runs FIRST ACT MINIS who meet between 9 and 10.30 am on Saturdays and are aged between 4 and 10. They meet at Taunton Pre-prep Hall.

TPS FIRST ACT are part of Taunton Prep School enrichment programme who meet between 9am and midday on Saturdays and are aged 7-11. They meet at Taunton Prep School.


Hannah Carolann runs APPLAUSE who are aged 7-12 at Kelly Leigh Studios Chard on Saturdays 10-11.30am.

Tara Day runs MAKE LUMIERE at Galmington:
Classes take part in the Trident Hall in Galmington. (The small hall at the end of the Netball court)
FOCUS - aged 8-11 on Fridays 5pm – 6.30pm.

Sam Dunn runs SPECIALS - aged 12-16 who meet between 6 and 8pm on Tuesdays at Taunton Prep School.

Sam Dunn runs COMPANY - aged 16-25 who meet between 6 and 8pm on Fridays at Taunton Prep School.