Once our students reach 16, some stay on as performers, supporting the younger members. They also become assistants and in time tutors in their own right.

Those who are aged 16-25 also have the option of becoming members of our Theatre Company. 

Make Theatre Co was set up in 2011 and became a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2011.  Directors Kat Wilsher, Sophy Layzell and Jen Boxell have taken three shows to the Edinburgh Fringe so far.

Retail Therapy in 2012

O is For Ofsted in 2014 which was awarded official sell out status.

STOP! in 2016

Cast members come from a 20 mile radius in the South West and are from all backgrounds. We do not audition and welcome all 16-25 year olds who have a passion for performance.

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“I’m really proud of what I’ve been part of with the company and I’m really grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and for all the help and support I’ve been given, and I hope I can continue to be part of Make in some way.” Tobias Grace 19

Visit www.maketheatrecic.com for more details