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'Have I gone mad?' asked Alice,

'I'm afraid're entirely bonkers.

But I'll tell you a secret...all the best people are!'

Lewis Carroll


10 children game Package 
£70 - 2 hosts and games for 1 hour for 10 children and MaKe invitations and prizes for the games
(£90 for 1 ½ hours or £110 for 2 hours)
Add another child for £5 each

20 children game package

£120 - 2 hosts and games for 1 hour for 20 children and invitations and prizes for the games
(£160 for 1 ½ hours or £200 for 2 hours)
Add another child for £5 each
Make a play party Package

£100 - 2 hosts, starter games and 'Make a Play' for 1 1/2 hours for 10 children and invitations.
Children make their play during the party and are able to show it to the adults in the last 15 minutes of the party.
(1 ½ hours £130 or 2 hours is £180)
Add another child on for £5 each

Make Mad Parties

Taking the madness out of your party planning!

We offer a variety of tailor made Performing Arts packages to suit your wishes. With our parties you'll be provided with:





Along with any traditional party games that you request.

Suitable for up to 20 children our Make Mad Parties are a fantastic way to keep guests entertained while allowing parents to relax and enjoy the party themselves.



Looking for something a bit different?

How about a photoshoot?

We can bring a trunk full of costumes to complement your own and all photos are sent to you by Onedrive for you to download, print and share. 

We can take a mix of posed and candid shots for you to treasure for years to come.